Introducing new trends in SEF-assisted Osar Schools- “Latif Day Celebration”

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Introducing new trends in SEF-assisted Osar Schools- “Latif Day Celebration”

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Movement is the backbone of change. OFT within its limited resources does its best to introduce new trends to improve the educational standards and spread the educational awareness. The ultimate goal is to educate the masses to enable our next generation to compete with the world.

You will be pleased to hear that OFT & Asaso Adabi Forum celebrated Latif Day on 12th of November 2016 in the Dr. Shamsuddin Ursani Auditorium Qasimabad Hyderabad. On this occasion speech and calligraphy competition among Students of SEF-assisted Osar schools was held. 24 students from 12 SEF-assisted Osar schools took part in this competition. Two competitions were held separate for girls and boys.

Following boys got success in this competition:

  1. Saad from Gul Ursani High School
  2. Muhakum From Muhammad Ramzan Kalhoro Osar School
  3. Aashique from SEF-assisted Osar Elementary School Hoondal Shoro Khandoo

Following girls got success in competition:

  1. Nazia SEF-assisted Osar Middle School Panjmoro
  2. Dua from Muhammad Ramzan Kalhoro Osar School Jhan Mori
  3. Tanzeela Fatima Osar School Talho Khan Laghari

All the schools received Shield & Participant certificate from Asaso Adabi Forum.
In the calligraphy competition following schools got first, second and third prize:

  1. Gul Ursani High School
  2. Osar Middle School Agham Wasan
  3. SEF-assisted Osar Middle School Hoondal Shoro Khandoo

All the three schools received cash prize from OFT.

Muhmmad Moosa Chandio was the chief guest of this program and the program was presided by Mr. Mir Muhammad Lanjar. The duty of judges was performed by:

  1. Professor Ghulam Rasool Soomro
  2. Professor Allah Dino Abro
  3. Mr. Wafa Moula Bux Qambrani

Many notables attended this event including Chief Executive Asaso Abdabi Forum Mr. Talib Mughal with team,  Mr. Nisar Abbasi, Mr. Noor Muhammad Bhutto, Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Mirjat, – In addition to this the administrative staff of all schools and teaching staff of Gul Ursani High School also attended this event.

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